Achieving the Climax?

Most women have the idea that something is wrong if they have never been able to achieve climax. This is a common misconception due to the fact that some women do not know what an orgasm is or furthermore what it feels like. Identifying if you have had an orgasm seems like it would be easy enough, but in truth adolescence can be a very confusing time when we are exploring our bodies. I myself didn’t realize I had been having orgasms until I was in my mid- twenties and had already given birth to one child. This was a shock to me because I always expected an orgasm to be from inner stimulation. I believed what I was doing with a near pillow or blanket was something completely different.

The big problem with not knowing what I was doing gave me the impression something was wrong with me, and that I would never be able to have an orgasm. Let me start off by saying porn did not help me understand anything. If anything it confused me more. You see all of these women having loud orgasms while having sex, or even fingering themselves. I tried anything and everything to see if those things would work for me, with no success.

I had been faking orgasms with my husband since we met in high school. I married him because it was about how I felt about him and not about the sex. He was gorgeous and I just assumed there was something wrong with me anyways. I finally decided to drop the ball and tell my husband I had been faking this whole time. After all, I was only robbing myself of that experience. He and I both started trying to find answers on the internet and on forums. After much research, I finally realized that orgasms can be achieved using a variety of different methods. I was relieved to know I wasn’t alone in my quest to reaching climax.

I was always able to orgasm alone, but didn’t realize it. Now at thirty-one I am proud to say I achieve climax regularly with my husband. After experimenting with a different variety of toys on my own, and during intercourse I was able to find out how to achieve orgasms during sex. Through experimenting, my orgasms are stronger and longer than before. Orgasms might not be the reason we fall in love, but it definitely is something that makes that bond even stronger.