Be Bold and Love Yourself

I want to touch on the topic of masturbation. Yes, I said masturbation ladies. Now when I say masturbation I bet your mind goes straight to a woman fingering herself or using some huge dildo. Now let us step out of that stereotypical way of thinking and put aside all the different kinds of porn we have seen (not that porn isn’t nice to watch while doing the deed sometimes) and explore other methods of reaching orgasm.  Many people, or even whole cultures may see masturbation as taboo, but it is definitely a topic that people are becoming more comfortable discussing.

For females reaching orgasm isn’t always as easy as it is for males, which is why it is important to take the time to explore yourself. After all, it’s one of the best ways to figure out what works best for you, and masturbation is something all women should have the pleasure of experiencing. It offers us a release, free from the expectations of others, and allows us the freedom to choose what we want and when we want it. The only expectations you should worry about should be yours, in this completely reasonable selfish moment.

Masturbation for some women can be a hard subject, especially if one has never explored enough to see what gets them off. Many women use toys like vibrators and dildos, or even household objects (yes, some women use house hold objects). In my case I would often use a pillow or blanket to make myself orgasm while others might only need the touch of their hand. Some women have even been able to reach orgasm using the arm of a sofa or the edge of a bathtub. My point is that every woman is different, and part of masturbation is to find what works for you, and finding what sensations trigger orgasm.

Using a blanket works great in my opinion, but it does require some maneuvering especially if your new at trying to come while masturbating. I know, many of you are thinking…a blanket!? Really!? How!? First off let me say that It was something I discovered over time, and let me explain how, just in case it works for you…

First off, try lying on one end of the blanket and then take the other end and pull it up between your thighs up toward your chest, almost like your trying to make a diaper out of it. Now grip the blanket just above your vagina, and pull it taught so that it applies pressure to your clitoris. It’s important to find just the right amount of pressure, some women may require more than others. Now rock your hips back and forth while keeping pressure and finding the spot that creates the most sensation. If you continue the motion long enough, you will orgasm. I have gotten to a point where it only takes me minutes, and the goal is for you to be able to do the same (using whatever object you choose).

I have used a blanket for a long time, but the problem I encountered was that I couldn’t apply this during intercourse. I didn’t know how to rub to climax during sex because of this. I now have a very special vibrator (but I’ll save that for another post) which helps me achieve orgasm easily alone and during intercourse.

If you are a woman who is trying to figure out what works for you, my advice is to set aside time just for you, a time when you know you will be free from interruptions or distractions. Think about what you want and need, and what you think is hot, and most importantly, make sure you are in the mood! Don’t be afraid of experimenting and touching yourself (everywhere if you need to) or using toys and objects to find what gets you off. No matter how strange something is in your mind, just remember no one else is around. It is all about you. So screw it, literally!